A Few Roos Loose


Brainfuck Interpreter

brainfuck Interpreter is a fully fledged interpreter for Brainfuck, an esoteric programming language created by Urban Müller.

The language itself consists of eight different instructions, including a conditional loop. As a result it is Turing complete; however, implementing anything complex can be quite a challenge!

The app features 30,000 cells, save and load features so you can persist your code and two sample programs to help get your feet wet.

Deadfish Interpreter

Deadfish Interpreter is an efficient little interpreter for the Deadfish esoteric programming language.

This esoteric programming language is not meant for serious use -- it has no input instruction, and therefore any possible use is rather limited in scope. Paradoxically enough, it's simple to understand and is an unabashed curiosity.

For more information about this language, you can visit the Esolang wiki.

The Chase

The Chase is my little foray into making an Android Wear watch-face. It features two animals in a perpetual chase, complete with a night/day cycle, scrolling sun and randomly generated stars that shine forth to illuminate the endless hunt.


A/B Test Generator

A/B Test Generator is a tool for generating A/B tests in Android apps. It utilises code generation to produce test classes that can automatically plug provided values into a field such as a TextView or an ImageView. It supports API 8 and up.

A/B Test Generator is featured on Android Arsenal and Android Weekly.